DVD Wienerlied macht Schule

Teaching material about viennese music — Viennese Folk Musik Society

Kunst Kontext Kultur

Festschrift for Manfred Wagner.

lautschrift 2011 angewandte literatur

In October 2011 the University of Applied Arts Vienna published the year-results of the study programm Klasse für Sprachkunst (creative writing) for the first time.

Gedichte für Mama

Poems for mum – Coverdesign, illustration. In 1989 two children where recorded speaking poems of Ernst Jandl and others. Some 20 years later the recording was remastered and the tape-coverdesign adapted for CD.

Broken Rules

The Corporate Design for a small independent game design studio is based on the idea of playing. A grid is the playground and items can be placed more or less adequate. The logo is the formal essence of a game on the grid. www.brokenrul.es