wean hean — Das Wienerliedfestival

Graphic Design and photography for the Viennese Music Festival wean hean wean hean. — Viennese Folk Musik Society

Sozialkritik im Wienerlied

CD compilation containing Viennese Music focusing social critisism. — The Chamber of Labour Vienna

Wald Magazin

Layout and Illustrations for the quarterly of the Austrian Federal Forests. — fleisch Verlags GmbH

fleisch Magazin

Layout and Illustrations for the Austrian culture magazine fleisch. — fleisch Verlags GmbH

Abteilung für Kulturwissenschaften

Announcement for Guest Lectures at the Department for Cultural Studies. — University of Applied Arts Vienna

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich

Pitch for a new identity of Public Art Lower Austria, logo and publications – in collaboration with Birgit Mayer.

10 Jahre unimpro

Publication for the 10 year anniversary of the improvisation class at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

DVD Wienerlied macht Schule

Teaching material about viennese music — Viennese Folk Musik Society

Kunst Kontext Kultur

Festschrift for Manfred Wagner.

lautschrift 2011 angewandte literatur

In October 2011 the University of Applied Arts Vienna published the year-results of the study programm Klasse für Sprachkunst (creative writing) for the first time.

Gedichte für Mama

Poems for mum – Coverdesign, illustration. In 1989 two children where recorded speaking poems of Ernst Jandl and others. Some 20 years later the recording was remastered and the tape-coverdesign adapted for CD.

Broken Rules

The Corporate Design for a small independent game design studio is based on the idea of playing. A grid is the playground and items can be placed more or less adequate. The logo is the formal essence of a game on the grid. www.brokenrul.es